Tuesday, 4 June 2013

First Day

   Well, it had been a exciting day for me today. Before the camp, I wasn't expecting much out of it. But, I was eager to actually stay in the Hostel and try out the project that I choose, which is Digital Painting. 
  But, first let me share what I learnt during the three fruitful Plenary Sessions. For the first session, it was about Earthquake Research on the Coral Reefs of Sumatra. During the session, I learnt that Stratigraphy & Sedimentology tells us about the past tsunami and the difference in size and number of sand/sediment tells us how big or when was the tsunami. There were 48 GPS in Sumatra to monitor the Earth's Movement and Tectonic Deformation. For the second session, it was about IT Animation. During that session, I learnt that there were different type of animation: Stop-Motion, 2D Animation, 3D Animation. Everybody can be an inventor and we need to identify and analyze the problem such as to help others. After evaluation, we need to provide effective solutions through Science and Technology/Arts and Creativity/Passion and Determination. Some challenges of 2D Animation are: Skilled Artists are needed, Beautiful are forms are needed, and high labour costs. For the last session, it was about Innovation Breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-technology. For that session, I learnt that nanometre = 1 billionth of a metre and that the diameter of the human hair is 80,000 nanometer. Nano-technology was to actually micmic what is in nature. They are also Biological Inspired - Cell Motion, Self-organization, Lubrication, Adhesion. 

    The most important Takeaway in these three session is that its not all about how high we get or what courses our parents want us to take. Its about finding our 'medium' in a elective that we can fit into, to do something that we truly enjoy instead of being forced into it for the sake of getting good marks or carrying the family tradition. 

  So, back to my Digital Painting Project, the fact that we are learning to customize our own special design into a superhero/villan is a great and exhilarating experience for me as I have never done such a thing on Photoshop before. I mean its like I'm trying out a university course and my friends from other school can't get a chance to. I mean it might prepare me for University if I decide to major in Arts. Plus, since my group was all boys and I'm the only girl, I didn't have high expectations but of course I will try to work with them and come out with the work. 

I think I can learn how to use Photoshop and further improve my Arts skills (e.g. Draw additional stuff on the first layer). Well before we start the course tomorrow, I have some questions: What skills can we gain from it? How can we apply such skills in real life? How does this skills benefit us? Is there any other software to create the superheros/villans? What are some other activities that undergraduates do when they take such a Art Course.

That's all for today! :D Hope to gain more knowledge and experience tomorrow! :)

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