Sunday, 9 June 2013

Third Day

Well, today is the last day of the SST-NTU Flagship Camp. I already finished up the last part of my digital painting so this is how it looks like:
There are some challenges that I faced when I painted this: 
1) Its hard to paint the fine details of the wolf's fur.
2) I kept painting at the wrong layer.
3) It's challenging to add in the darkening and lightening.

So, you might be thinking that what have I learnt during this 3 day camp. As I had mentioned, I learned a few basic skills of Photoshop such as Multiplying, Darkening, Lightening etc. During the process, there are a few disciplines learned.  Example, during Digital Painting,  there are some times that I felt like giving up on doing the fur as it was quite hard to clone the fur onto its arm. But nevertheless, I continued to keep drawing and with a little help of the Professor, I finished it up. 

How can I apply this in real life? Well, I can paint more other characters when I have the time or maybe if I am really interested in Arts Course, I might take it up in university and my basic skills might help me with my work.

This 3D2N camp is really fun and I reall enjoyed it, I hope the school can have more of such camp not only for the Seconday 2 pupils, but students from other levels too, so that we can try out different projects. 

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