Thursday, 6 June 2013

Second Day

    After a long night rest, today, we set off to the School of Art, Media & Design for our first lesson. To show what projects they did there, Professor Martin showed us some pictures of the digital painting done by students, before and after. So, as said, I managed to take a photo of myself with the help of their photographer and used it to photoshop into a character I want, which in this case, is a werewolf. 

   So firstly, the when we entered the class, the Professor briefly explained the simple tools that were needed to come up with a basic picture. So, tools like darkening is good to create shadows and we would need to mask the picture we want and so on. But, the most important thing is that we CANNOT copy other artist's works as is not original and frowned upon. So, I guess today's takeaway was quite a lot as I became more skillful when using Photoshop as I learnt shortcuts and more complicated ways to improve and make the picture more realistic. I also learnt that different type of tones represents different type of moods and the colors cannot contradict each other if the picture was to be nice. 

  I felt that today is interesting and fun, The professor was kind of humorous and was willing to help those in need. The best thing is that I got to create my own artwork! Its like a one in a time chance that will ever happen. Its a brilliant piece of artwork created and I’m very proud of it :) (Picture Below) 

This project had dramatically improved my patience and insights to want to learn. As when we are using Photoshop, we need to be patient as things may not work out and the computer might lag and we can’t just give up easily when it does not work out for us. We must have the passion to learn so that we can gain more during sessions/meetings and have the curiosity to further the studies. These few qualities mentioned can be applied to real life in our working years. 

This project also had me to acquire the creative thinking aspect as we were to rack our brains to find a theme and character that we truely want to draw out. Its basically making it original, and thinking of more then one way to express our thoughts and fantasy. 

I also learnt that what we learn in Digital Painting can be applied in real life. They can be for commerical use, Advertisments, Posters, etc. Overall, its an interesting experience. 

That's about what I learnt, all that is left for me to do is to compile everybody work to create a slideshow for the last day presentation. I hope I can win something! :) Goodnight! :D

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